Pet plan – Pets hate the NHS

Just Eat – Restaurants have rules

Water – The softest soft drink

Perrier – What happens when the most boring drink in the world lets loose

Johnson’s Cotton Buds – Definitely not for your ears

Starbucks – It’s nice to be basic

Maynards Wine gums – For sweet sommeliers

Expired Maynards Wine Gums – They’re vintage!

After Eight – We didn’t specify which 8

Febreeze – When it’s not clean and not dirty, it’s clirty

Horlicks – Sedate your kids

National Gallery – My kid couldn’t have made that – Wendy houses for dads

Who gives a crap? – Order your TP online, so no one knows you poo

Strava – Healthy competition

Parker pens – You don’t make notes with a Parker

Dell – The dad of computers